Czechoslovakia's Vaclav Havel

In response to "Havel: A Man in Search of an Ideal," editorial, Feb. 23:

At a time when changes undreamed of are taking place in Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and South Africa, where the human spirit has long been frustrated from keeping its tryst with destiny, here appears Czechoslovakia's Havel with a soul-stirring message.

Raising questions so profound about our own democracy at a time when over a billion people in Burma and China are denied their God-given rights, your editorial gave flight to my spirit. Can the rulers of these two countries, who share a common border, repress their people much longer?

"Let me write the newspapers of the land," proclaimed Thomas Jefferson, "and I do not care who makes its laws." The Times has done Jefferson, and Havel, proud. Those are accolades well-earned.


Laguna Hills

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