Being Thankful for Laura Lake

In response to Mark Liscio's inaccurate attack on Laura Lake and Friends of Westwood (Letter, Feb. 8):

As president of Westwood Homeowners' Assn. and someone who was born and raised in Westwood, I am very involved in most of the "real elements and issues" affecting Westwood's future. I cannot see where we have been "misrepresented" by Laura Lake in our struggle to promote responsible development that follows the existing laws and codes.

In a community that has been overwhelmed by development as Westwood has, it has been to our great benefit to have someone with the expertise and educational background as Laura.

Although no one person can speak for all, I feel Laura's concerns and aspirations very directly reflect a majority of our residents. I certainly am thankful Laura Lake has taken such an interest and concern for Westwood.

JOYCE FOSTER, Westwood Homeowners' Assn.

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