Caltech Gets $1 Million for Math Videotapes

Caltech has received $1 million from the National Science Foundation to support Project Mathematics!, a nationwide effort that is producing a series of computer-animated videotapes for high school classrooms. More than 4,000 schools are using the lesson, "The Theorem of Pythagoras."

Each module consists of a 15-minute videotape and a workbook to guide students through the video, elaborating on the important ideas.

The videotapes make extensive use of computer animation, with color, motion and three-dimensional images to demonstrate concepts in ways that are difficult or impossible to do in a textbook. The animation, blended with live action and stills, provides historical perspective and connections to real-world problems, according to a news release.

Together with narration, music and special effects, the video is intended to motivate students, enhance their intuition and stimulate their imagination.

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