Broccoli Growers Want Bush to Eat His Words

From Reuters

Broccoli-hater George Bush is in for a big surprise--10 tons of the vegetable will flood Washington on Monday to protest his dislike of it.

The broccoli industry in California said today that it is shipping a truckload to Washington in an effort to help Bush stomach the vegetable.

Bush reportedly recently issued a presidential order banning broccoli from Air Force One meals after it kept showing up on his plate.

U.S. News & World Report said that before the ban, the green had been on the menu “perhaps because of Barbara Bush’s frequently overheard admonitions, ‘Now George, eat your vegetables.’ ”


Bush’s taste in food runs to pork rinds, taco salads with hot-pepper sauce and chocolate bars mixed with oat bran.

Lisa Cork, a spokeswoman for the California Broccoli Shippers, said by telephone that 10 tons--a truckload--will arrive Monday with two cartons earmarked for the White House.

The entire shipment totals 1,008 cartons, or about 14,000 bunches of broccoli, worth a wholesale price of about $7,000.

Besides the bunches for Bush, the broccoli will be distributed to food banks for the hungry here.


Cork said the White House chef is being sent some special broccoli recipes, wondering if the broccoli served Bush is being cooked right.