A Different Alhambra

Having just finished "Immigrants Bring Energy to Old City" (Feb. 25) by Evelyn De Wolfe, I find it hard to believe that she was writing about the Alhambra my family and I lived in until three years ago.

We felt no sense of community there, and we tried to become involved in church and other activities. It was rare that we had a neighbor who spoke English, causing a very divisive atmosphere for everyone.

As for comments about the influx of money by Asians, she needs to take a drive down Valley Boulevard, where she will find no more than a handful of business signs written in English. A high price to pay.

Tired of feeling as if we lived in a foreign land, we finally moved out of Alhambra and were blessed to find a community that we were welcome in and feel a part of.


Alta Loma

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