'Declaration' Causes Outpouring of Deeply Divided Opinions

Re "A Declaration" (March 14): On the front page of the View section, we are shown a couple in living color looking mistily into each other's eyes like Bogart and Bacall. But they are not Bogart and Bacall. They are two young girls who have chosen to be lesbians.

My intent is not to criticize anyone for their choices. But I am critical of the manner in which The Times has presented the article.

There is still, and always will be, a great majority of society that is not in agreement with homosexuality. I consider myself part of that majority, and my friends and acquaintances, both male and female, agree that the article is offensive.

In my opinion, it is not in the interest of society to further any organizations that profess theories of separatism like the lesbian sorority mentioned in your paper.

If valuable space is to be used in your newspaper, please let it serve the whole of society. Don't just write anything simply because it is modern or considered "chic."



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