KDD, Japan’s giant international telecommunications company, will...

From Times Wire Services

KDD, Japan’s giant international telecommunications company, will launch new projects, including a fiber-optic cable between Japan and Taiwan, to enhance and diversify its business in fiscal 1990, which starts April 1.

The company said a 1,056-mile cable providing 7,560 telephone circuits will be laid between Tou Cheng in Taiwan and Miyazaki Prefecture (state) on Japan’s southernmost main island of Kyushu to handle the growing diversified traffic.

KDD will pay $14 million, or 16%, of the construction cost. Total costs are estimated at $80 million, making KDD the second-largest investor in the project, after International Telecommunications Development Corp. of Taiwan.

A total of 23 carriers from 14 countries will participate in the project. Carriers will be agreed upon at a meeting to be held in San Francisco on Friday.


Japan and Taiwan are linked mainly through a 480-circuit cable via Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost prefecture in the Pacific.

The company will also construct domestic circuits exclusively for international telecommunications services.

The two cables will be completed in 1993, enabling the company to form a more diverse digital cable network in East Asia.

KDD said it will offer to regular customers discounts for international video conference service from April 1 and make digital circuits available. It said a 10% discount will be offered for the first 15 minutes and a 5% discount for additional 15 minutes.


The company will also offer one-way--receive or transmit only--high-speed digital service at rates about 30% lower than those for usual two-way circuits between Japan and Asia, Australia and New Zealand and North America and Europe.

Monthly rates for one-way circuits between Japan and Asia, Oceania and North America will be $4,000. Rates for Europe will be $5,200. Rates for two-way circuits will be $5,700 and $7,500, respectively.