Federal Express Impostor Snags 2 More in Delivery Scam


A man posing as a Federal Express employee has tricked two more people into giving him cash for deliveries from non-existent state agencies, bringing the total to 27 victims in San Diego County.

At 4 p.m. Thursday, the con artist entered Miyoko Dry Cleaning, in the 2900 block of University Avenue, with a delivery from a fabric association in Sacramento, said owner Miyoko Knox.

"He came in at a busy time, during rush hour, when people pick up clothes," Knox said. "He said that he was from Federal Express and had a COD package for me to sign for. He had my license number and the business' identification number matched."

When the man left, Knox said, she opened the envelope and found three blank 1989 tax forms. She said she called police Friday morning after a friend told her of a newspaper story about the scam.

At noon Friday, the same scenario was played out at Coffees of the World, in the 4500 block of University Avenue.

"I was a dummy," said Maurice Mizrahi. "All the license numbers on the (package) were correct, everything was correct."

The package's return address was the State Board of Equalization, Mizrahi said.

Since Feb. 1, police have received 27 reports from small businesses that have paid the man $18.50 per delivery.

The thief, wearing either a brown or blue uniform bearing Federal Express' emblem, delivers envelopes stuffed with blank Internal Revenue Service forms. He also leaves receipts with return addresses from non-existent state agencies.

Federal Express does not deliver packages COD said police spokesman Bill Robinson.

The man is described as white, in his 40s, about 6-foot-3 and weighing 160 to 170 pounds. He has brown, collar-length hair and was wearing clear, wire-rimmed glasses.

Robinson said similar operations have been reported in Sacramento, Fresno, Orange County and Los Angeles.

Anyone with information on the scam can call police at 696-1655.

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