Bradley Budget Aids Water, Redevelopment, Police


Mayor Tom Bradley's proposed 1990-91 budget for the city of Los Angeles calls for several large expenditures in the San Fernando Valley, including $33.5 million for expansion of the Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation plant and $14.5 million for continuation of the North Hollywood Redevelopment Plan.

Also among the major Valley proposals are $3.7 million for improvement of three Valley police stations, $2.2 million for construction of a senior citizens center in Pacoima and about $14.9 million in additional costs related to changes at Lopez Canyon Landfill, the city-operated dump above Lake View Terrace.

The budget will be reviewed and debated by the City Council in hearings scheduled to begin Monday.

The Tillman sewage treatment plant, in Van Nuys, is being enlarged to reduce the volume of sewage treated at the Hyperion Treatment Plant in Playa del Rey, thus decreasing the chance for ocean-bound sewage spills.

Bradley is calling for completion by late 1991 of a dechlorination facility at the Tillman plant, air pollution control equipment and a system for sending treated water to Sepulveda Basin lakes. An additional 17 sanitation workers and 11 city engineers are included in the mayor's budget to carry out these projects.

The 740-acre North Hollywood redevelopment district was created in 1979. The project has been criticized by some local activists for favoring further improvements of an upscale business and office development over rehabilitation of houses. The mayor's budget calls for spending $14.5 million on the project this year, up from $12.2 million in 1989-90.

The largest proposed expenditure at Lopez Canyon Landfill is intended to fulfill a city agreement to limit the number of garbage trucks entering the dump to 400 trucks daily. That agreement evolved from a state crackdown on dump operations last year.

The mayor's budget calls for spending $7 million to transport the spillover household trash, park trimmings and street sweeping debris to private landfills. The budget also calls for spending $1.25 million to buy land around the landfill that would form a partial buffer between the dump and residential areas.

A Pacoima senior citizens center, which may be named for northeast Valley City Councilman Ernani Bernardi, has been discussed for several years. The council on Friday agreed to schedule public hearings to discuss buying land at 11266 Glenoaks Blvd. for the center.

Three Valley police stations have outgrown their facilities, according to statements in the mayor's budget, and need $24.9 million to expand buildings and add parking.

For the coming year, the mayor has proposed spending $3.7 million on the stations, with the largest portion--$2.9 million--going to the North Hollywood station for land purchase and building designs.

Two other stations, Foothill in Pacoima and West Valley in Reseda, would receive $471,000 and $333,000, respectively, for architectural designs and construction plans.

Other major Valley expenditures include:

* $23.3 million for Valley water and power projects, including construction of a water well system in Tujunga, increased capacity of the North Hollywood water sewer system and expansion of an electrical power conversion plant in Sylmar.

* $3.35 million for work at the Van Nuys Airport, including a $2.4-million taxiway.

* About $2.4 million for improving library service to the Valley, including $1 million for expanding the Panorama City Branch Library.

* More than $2 million for improvement of various transit and transportation services and studies ranging from a study of the impact of future growth on Sunland/Tujunga traffic to an increase in dial-a-ride service from Sunland to Sylmar.

* Nearly $2 million for resurfacing and adding lights to city-owned parking lots in the Valley.

* $850,000 for renovation of the municipal building in Van Nuys, including removal of asbestos and installation of fire sprinklers and disabled access.

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