MCI Wins Navy Contract Worth $375 Million

From United Press International

MCI Communications Corp. on Tuesday announced the largest contract in its history, a $375-million pay-phone agreement with the Navy Resale and Services Support Office.

The pact is also the biggest pay-phone contract awarded since U.S. District Judge Harold Greene’s 1989 court order to open the pay-phone market to non-American Telephone & Telegraph Co. carriers, said MCI President Bert C. Roberts Jr.

The Navy agreement will provide MCI with annual revenue of more than $75 million, or a total of more than $375 million over five years, Roberts said.

MCI will provide long-distance services to individuals making collect, third-party, person-to-person collect and calling card calls from pay phones located at Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard sites throughout the contiguous United States, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.


MCI said it will serve as the prime supplier for NAVRESSO at the local and national level and will team with Bell Atlantic and Pacific Bell as subcontractors to MCI.

Pacific Bell will provide military personnel with calling cards.