Wilander Says He Won’t Enter French Open

Mats Wilander said today he will miss the French Open, which he has won three times, and probably won’t play at Wimbledon either this year.

Wilander, the former No. 1 player who has dropped out of the top 10, said he hasn’t played tennis since March and won’t be in condition to compete in Paris later this month.

“I need at least two or three weeks hard training to compete. After that, 15 to 20 matches are needed to reach peak form. Physically it would be impossible to play in Paris,” Wilander said at a news conference publicizing his new autobiography.

Wilander, denying he is quitting the game, said he intends to stay on the circuit another two years. But he said he lacks motivation and is taking life easy. He lives in Greenwich, Conn.


“I am not bored with being at home yet. Once I am, motivation will return and then I will start playing again.” he said.

“It is hard when you have won so much, not to be able to win tournaments.”

He said he has committed himself to only one tournament this summer, the Swedish Open in Bastad.