GUESS WHAT? : ‘Tailored Pieces’ Help Georges Marciano Take the Guesswork Out of Career Dressing


Guess?, the label that has adorned so many teen-age derrieres, seems to be growing up. A line of women’s clothing, with definite career possibilities, is now in stores.

The garments are intended for customers who have grown up with Guess? over the past nine years, according to a statement issued by Georges Marciano, designer and company president. Concentrating on tailored pieces, he has designed a spring collection that includes a smart, fitted, cherry-red linen suit as well as a lightweight blazer and well-cut, cropped, plaid pants.

Fall pieces, made in fabrics such as melton and wool-cashmere blends, have a fit-and-flare attitude, as seen in a swingy skirt and a cuffed, two-button jacket.

Prices range from $50 to $375.


Marciano refers to the new concept as “sophisticated city clothing for a young career woman.”

Who knows, perhaps the Brigitte Bardot look-alike in company ads will soon outgrow her jeans and lace bustier, hop off the motorcycle, put away the Italian cookbook, find a real job and slip into something more serious.

In the meantime, Marciano’s provocative ads, his business acumen and his generosity toward future designers have earned him this year’s Otis/Parsons Fashion achievement award. It will be presented in a ceremony on Saturday night..

“Guess? has become a major fashion force, with his impetus obviously. He’s changed perceptions of fashion as well as changed the look of clothing,” says Frances Balcomb, director of communications for the Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. “There’s a kind of energy and youthful optimism in Marciano’s clothing. And, as a designer, he has been extremely generous in helping our students.”