WORLD : 21 Killed in East Beirut Warfare

<i> From Times Wire Services </i>

Caught in ruthless fighting, 21 people were killed in Christian East Beirut today--seven of them cut to pieces when shelling ripped through the walls of their shelter.

Security sources said more than 40 people were wounded in the heaviest fighting this month between troops loyal to Gen. Michel Aoun and militiamen of the Lebanese Forces.

Those killed in the shelter were two families in al-Fanar district, which is held by Aoun forces. Red Cross workers had to wait for shelling to ease before being able to bring out the bodies.

For more than six hours the rival forces hammered each other with artillery, rocket, and tank fire before fighting eased at the fourth attempt at a cease fire.


Shells hit hospitals and apartment buildings in and around East Beirut. The orange glow of exploding shells and rockets lit up the night sky over the battered city.