Clay’s Name on Billboard Spells Mud for Feminists

From Times Wire Services

The word “boycott” was scrawled across a Sunset Strip billboard for acid-tongued comedian Andrew Dice Clay, and spatters of red paint obliterated most of the advertisement early today, police said.

A group identifying itself as Activists Against Sexist Pigs called news organizations to claim responsibility for the attack.

“He perpetuates a violent mind-set against women in particular,” said a woman caller who refused to give her name.

“And we want to call attention to that and to show individuals such as himself and the people who promote him and that kind of violence that we’re not going to take it any more,” the caller said.


Clay’s appearance as guest host of “Saturday Night Live” last week triggered protests both inside and outside the studio. Clay has been particularly offensive to feminists because he often uses Brooklynese street talk laced with rough language and references to violence against women.

The caller said Activists Against Sexist Pigs had also repeatedly vandalized billboards for comedian Sam Kinison.

“The true obscenity in this country is being presented to us in the guise of humor and the true obscenity is violence against women and homophobia.

“These are hatemongers in the guise of comedians,” she said.

Clay’s controversial appearance on SNL not only raised the ire of homosexual and women’s groups, it also raised the show’s ratings.

Preliminary ratings figures released Sunday gave the show a market share of 31 percent, 6 percentage points higher than SNL’s usual 25 share.

Clay’s presence on Saturday’s late-night broadcast had sparked protests from homosexual and women’s groups.