Church Council Condemns Columbus, Cites Indians

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From United Press International

The National Council of Churches has approved a resolution condemning Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the New World in 1492 because of its impact on Indians.

The resolution was introduced Thursday night to the ecumenical Christian group by the Rev. George Tinker, an Osage Indian who called Columbus’ arrival an “invasion” that brought about the slavery and genocide of native Americans.

“American people have so digested the myth on American history that they have lost sight of the truth--the pain of so many people who live on the continent,” Tinker said.


A competing resolution introduced by the Right Rev. David Reed, an Episcopal bishop from Kentucky, sought to soften the language of Tinker’s offering.

His resolution acknowledged the injustice and pain suffered by Indians after the arrival of Columbus and other European explorers, but sought to retain the “passion and words” of Tinker’s resolution while adding positive aspects of the last 500 years.

After a heated debate, Reed’s resolution effectively was killed.

Reed said he did not believe that anyone will take Tinker’s resolution seriously because of its strong wording.