LIFESTYLE : ‘She’ Berates British as Slobs

<i> From Times Wire Services </i>

A magazine today berated the British for their dress and manners, saying their European neighbors regard them as the slobs of the Continent.

“We go out without combing our hair, wear the same shoes two days running and throw rubbish out of our car windows,” complained She, a monthly women’s magazine.

It said other Europeans consider British men ill-mannered and chided British women for dressing badly and shouting at their children in public.

If the British want to join the “nouveau European” elite, the magazine said, their manners, attitudes, habits and appearance all need “a complete overhaul.”


Tips offered by the magazine include never leaving home unless groomed immaculately, remembering to wish everyone good morning, afternoon or evening and walking with “dignity and grace.”

Other guidelines: spending more on personal appearance, displaying family loyalty, drinking more mineral water and never eating junk food in the street.