The Sensitive Issue of Breslin's Remarks

Anyone who knows Jimmy Breslin's history knows Ji-Yeon Yuh was born into a better world because of the eloquent integrity Breslin shoved down our throats when times were tougher.

When Yuh faces off with Breslin, she confronts a friend with her back to her enemies.

She and the cause of women and minorities are subtly hurt daily by the hate, incompetence, insensitivity and/or lies of some syndicated columnists; those writers do a lot of harm without the use of any ethnic slurs or sexist remarks. And they are enjoying a big gloat now because a guy who really cares is having his troubles.

True, Breslin needs to watch his mouth, but that big mouth hurt only her feelings and that's between him and her. The editors' lack of guts to stand behind him, at least out of respect for his monumental contribution to a better world, hurt his feelings. Let's try to get substance back in focus.



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