For dedicated gardeners, here are suggestions...

For dedicated gardeners, here are suggestions from the California Assn. of Nurserymen on what to do in the garden this week:

* You can still sow seeds or set out vegetable plants that have already been started: tomatoes, beans, carrots, radishes, cucumbers and summer squash.

* Don’t do any heavy pruning during hot weather, because it sends the plant into shock. Just pinch out the tip growth or thin them lightly to promote growth and more blooms.

* Try applying an acid plant food first if the leaves on camellias and azaleas are yellowing; if that doesn’t do the trick, add iron compounds.


* Start another planting of gladiolus now. Since late glads are more susceptible to thrips than early ones, dust the corms with insecticide before planting and then spray once of twice after the tops have reach six or seven inches above ground.