Radio Station's Control Returned, Morrow Says

San Diego businessman Willie Morrow said Thursday that the Mexican owner of XHRM-FM (92.5) has agreed to return control of the station to him, seven months after a series of disagreements led to his ouster.

Staffers at XHRM were told Thursday that Modern Radio Corp., the company operating the station, will file for bankruptcy today. The entire staff was told to submit their resignations or they would not receive their final checks, according to one staff member.

The phones at the XHRM office were not being answered Thursday morning.

Morrow operated the station almost 10 years until Jose Rivas Marintez, the owner of the Mexican-based signal, removed him. Since then Morrow has been waging an intensive campaign to mobilize the black community against the station, primarily through his weekly San Diego Monitor newspaper. He consistently accused Rivas Marintez and his son Luis Rivas Kaloyan, who was operating the station, of making racially oriented decisions and statements.

But the station has been suffering financial problems and low ratings over the last few months. Rivas Kaloyan confirmed reports that checks to employees had bounced. Three general managers were hired and left the station after stints of only a few weeks.

Staffers were told Thursday that, as of today, Modern Radio Corp. no longer exists.

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