Missing the Mark

Wow! Did your letter writers McCray, Blethen and Grisolia ever miss the mark about Light Up the Border (“Border Lights,” June 3).

The anger and frustration expressed by the Light Up the Border people is directed at the governmental representatives who have refused to believe the seriousness of crime and lawlessness at the border.

We protest the existence of that crime and lawlessness and lay the blame at the doorsteps of the truly guilty. We lay it justly on the doorsteps of the people primarily responsible for the conditions that allow it to exist; that is, the elected representatives of local, state and federal bodies and agencies.

It is their neglect of the border and its function that is responsible for the deaths of little boys and unsophisticated adults from the interior of Mexico, not law-abiding Americans protesting the carnage.


It is true that the vast number of casualties in the border violence are Mexican nationals. But the headlights don’t destroy dreams (per McCray) unless they are attached to a car on I-5 (as Grisolia notes). Insensitive politicians who are clearly concerned with their own agendas do, even here.