Kathleen Turner Gives Benefit Auction the Slip

Sure, anyone can give someone the slip, but actress Kathleen Turner’s slip costs $1,200.

The slip, which she has been wearing in the play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” was one of 29 items sold Tuesday night at a black-tie dinner and auction for Easter Seals. The auction raised $30,000 for the charity that aids people with disabilities.

Bidding for the slip started at $500 and quickly grew after auctioneer Diddi Lynn Worsole informed potential buyers that the slip was not in the room because Turner was wearing it just a few blocks away.

“She’s sweating in it right now,” Worsole said. “Maybe there will be a little perfume on it.”


The bidding quickly escalated in increments of $100 until Staten Island real estate broker Henry Setaro came in with the top bid of $1,200.

“It’s the closest I will ever get to Kathleen Turner,” Setaro said. “I hope they don’t wash it before I get it.”