ALBUM REVIEWS : **** WYNTON MARSALIS "The Resolution of Romance" Columbia

Volume 3 in the Marsalis "Standard Time" series finds him teamed with his father, the pianist Ellis Marsalis, in a partnership as remarkable for its simplicity as for its sense of direction. The music is high both on quantity (74 minutes) and quality, with 18 songs from the classic pop era--Rodgers, Arlen, Carmichael, John Green--as well as three originals by the trumpeter, one of which, "In the Court of King Oliver," is a variation on the old "Yes Indeed" spiritual chord changes.

With unpretentious help from bassist Reginald Veal and drummer Herlin Riley, the Marsalises show respect for these melodies ("Skylark," "Too Late Now," "A Sleepin' Bee"). "Flamingo" has a surprising tango beat. "I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues" is Wynton's only attempt to depart radically from the theme.

Playing open horn but also using every mute known to mankind, Wynton Marsalis confirms that he is an artist for all idioms, sounds and seasons, and no mere Miles Davis clone.

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