Donald Trump's Woes Are No Laughing Matter

I get it! Sloan's article on The Donald was the answer to last year's conundrum, "Are we having fun yet?"

The response has to be yes, if fun means that Mr. and Mrs. Middle-Class American Taxpayer will pick up the pieces of Mr. Trump's failing empire.

For years we stood around tsk-tsk-ing and tacitly allowed his empire to expand like a hot air balloon. Our banks were not accountable for loans whose only collateral was the paper they were written on. Our motto was, "If you can't see a problem, there ain't one."

Already, we have to shore up the banks of the vast rivers of debt caused by feckless savings and loan spending. Failing bank loans can only add to the raging torrent.

Seems to me that I read somewhere that our country experienced the same kind of fiscal irresponsibility two generations ago.

Next question: Do we learn from our past mistakes or what?"



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