British Hooligans Leave Trail of Violence : World Cup: 500 seized, one man dies, as drunken fans vent anger in Italy, France and throughout England.

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From Associated Press

Soccer hooligans threatened German citizens and overturned foreign-registered cars after West Germany defeated England in the World Cup semifinals, and more than 500 people were arrested, police said.

Police said 35 officers were injured in disturbances, which broke out Wednesday night, when West Germany defeated England 4-3 in penalty kicks after tying 1-1 in regulation time in Turin, Italy. Police said heavy drinking by fans who watched the match in pubs contributed to the rowdiness.

One man was killed while intervening in a disturbance in Totton, in southern England, but police were uncertain whether the incident was related to soccer frustrations.


French police arrested five British soccer fans at a railroad station in Dijon Tuesday night after a brawl on a Turin-bound train. Police said the five were ringleaders of an attempt to oust other passengers and their baggage so 150 British fans could travel together. Seven police officers were injured.

In the seaside town of Brighton, 50 miles south of the capital, police locked 300 German students in a nightclub to protect them from hundreds of angry English fans. The students later were escorted safely from the scene aboard five buses.

Also in Brighton, police said 200 English youths chased young Germans through the streets. The town has a large population of Germans and other foreign students attending English language courses.

Five hundred English fans roamed Brighton’s streets, overturning cars with foreign license plates, smashing shop windows and looting. Police reported 15 arrests in the town.

Police around the country anticipated the violence, for which British soccer fans are notorious.

Extra officers were sent to trouble spots after violence in several English towns and cities Sunday night when England beat Cameroon in the quarterfinals.


In Turin on Wednesday night, a 23-year-old German was stabbed in the back and seriously wounded when a fight broke out between rival English and German fans. Police used truncheons to disperse rowdy crowds near the city’s main train station.

London police dealt with 18 incidents, Scotland Yard said. Drunken fans hurled beer cans and other missiles at police.

Hooligans in Grantham, 110 miles north of London, smashed windows at the Premier Restaurant, in the building where Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher grew up.

In nearby Worthing, police arrested 18 people after a crowd of up to 200 people smashed shop windows and looted the contents.

In a pub in Blackburn 185 miles northwest of London, 20 youths armed with pool cues attacked two police officers, who were later treated in a hospital.

In the port city of Southampton, 70 miles southwest of London, a group of up to 20 youths smashed up the Royal Oak pub. “When England lost they went berserk, picking up anything they could find and smashing it,” said pub manager Bernard Smedley.