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Blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan had a musical disaster Saturday night in Holmdel, N.J. He had just finished a show and put aside his favorite guitar, a battered 1959 Fender Stratocaster, and was exiting the stage with his band when a scaffold fell, crushing the guitar and five other instruments. Fortunately, the Fender company had recently made Vaughan a copy of the No. 1 guitar. . . . Paul McCartney may preach vegetarianism, but the crowd at his concert in Ames, Iowa, next week still will be able to munch a hot dog or a bratwurst. Jeanne Hartig, a spokeswoman for the Iowa State Center, said there will be no change in the concession stand menu to accommodate the former Beatle's dietary preferences. . . . Elvis Presley has finally made it big in the Soviet Union. The newly formed All-Union Assn. of Rock 'n' Roll Fans will concentrate on Presley. "We plan to celebrate Elvis's birthday with a special concert on Jan. 8, 1991," Kostya Shniriov, the club's president, says. "We are negotiating with the authorities to open a club entirely devoted to rock 'n' roll, to be called Memphis."

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