A Speed Course in Brushing Up

If you want to spend $99 on a toothbrush, Epident Ultra, which promises oral hygiene at lightning speed, may be what you're looking for.

The battery-operated unit's four brushes clean the teeth at the rate of nearly 300 strokes per minute, according to Susanna Wilson, spokeswoman for EPI Products, the Santa Monica-based manufacturer. "It's especially good for use around crowns," Wilson added. Each unit comes with three brush heads, allowing three people to use the same brush.

And what does the American Dental Assn. think? "Powered toothbrushes are not necessarily any better than manual ones," said Philip Weintraub, ADA spokesman. "But if they get you to do the job, they are worth it. Powered brushes are especially good for those with limited manual dexterity and other handicaps."

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