NATION : Fla. Study Links Violence, Sex

<i> From Times Wire Services </i>

Couples in violent relationships have sex more often than other couples, according to a study released today that also said spouses with common interests and several children are the most sexually active.

Next to youth, shared interests were the greatest indicator of sexual frequency in a marriage, according to a University of Florida study.

“Whether it’s something as simple as taking walks together or enjoying the same hobbies, sharing activities outside the bedroom is a big predictor of how often married couples have sex,” said Denise Donnelly, a sociologist who analyzed data from a nationwide survey of 5,292 married couples.


Unlike other studies, Donnelly’s research found that partners in violent marriages had sexual relations more often than other couples.

“People in these marriages may have intercourse more because of a honeymoon period that follows each outbreak of violence,” she said. “These couples may not only fight with a passion but make up with a passion as well.”