SHORT TAKES : Playboy Layout Upsets Arquette


Actress Rosanna Arquette will be the subject of a 12-page nude spread in the September issue of Playboy and she isn't pleased about it.

Arquette, probably best known for her role in "Desperately Seeking Susan," was on a swimsuit shoot for Conde Nast Traveler magazine in Naples, Fla., when she started taking off her clothes, which captured the attention of longtime celebrity photographer Bert Stern. Playboy spokesman Bill Farley said Arquette signed a release with Stern, stipulating only that the photos not be published in England, where her boyfriend, rock musician Peter Gabriel, lives.

Stern put the pictures on the market and Playboy, unbeknown to Arquette, grabbed them. "We honored the commitment she made with Stern and are withholding the issue from the United Kingdom," Farley said. Arquette's manager and spokesmen were "in conference" today and unavailable for comment, although their telephone call to Playboy was described as "unpleasant."

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