MGM/UA Claims Pay Pact With Busfield


MGM/UA Television announced today that its dispute over salary with "thirtysomething" actor Timothy Busfield has been "satisfactorily resolved."

Busfield, who received his third consecutive Emmy nomination for his role of offbeat adman Elliot Weston, was expected to join the cast late today or Monday. Production on the acclaimed ABC series began today for the upcoming season.

Busfield's publicist said he completed his starring role in the Broadway production of "A Few Good Men" Thursday and was returning to Los Angeles today.

The settlement came after a flurry of recriminations and angry debate over Busfield's demand for a salary hike. MGM/UA took the unusual action of publicly releasing the actor's salary, $28,750 an episode, and his money request, $36,375 an episode. Then MGM/UA filed a lawsuit last week in Los Angeles Superior Court seeking damages.

It's not known if Busfield is getting his raise. His attorney, Edward J. Burg, was not available to comment. A spokesperson for MGM/UA said she was advised that no further comment could be made outside the carefully worded press release.

Busfield was reportedly unhappy that he was getting $10,000 less each epidosde than Ken Olin, who plays Elliot's buddy and boss on the show.

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