Mavericks' Letter Turned Off Perkins

Associated Press

Sam Perkins said he was prepared to stay with the Dallas Mavericks until the team sent him a letter wishing him good luck with his new team.

Although the Mavericks offered him a six-year, $18 million deal, Perkins joined the Lakers last week.

He said the rift that developed between himself and Dallas management was too great to stay.

The last straw, he told the Dallas Morning News, was a letter he received Aug. 2 from Norm Sonju, the club's general manager.

The NBA salary cap increased Aug. 1. One of four teams--Perkins wouldn't say which one, but it wasn't the Lakers--offered him a six-year, $20-million contract.

"We were told to match the offer. That was our only option," said Sonju, who wished Perkins the best if he joined another team.

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