Soviets Top Old Free Rifle Mark

From Associated Press

The Soviet Union set a world record in the 50-meter free rifle event (three times 40 shots) at the 45th World Shooting Championships today to win the gold medal.

The Soviets scored 3,490 points to eclipse the record of 3,477, also set by a Soviet team. Czechoslovakia took the silver medal with 3,475 points, and Yugoslavia was third, also with 3,475.

In the individual competition, South Korea's Lee Yung Chul won the gold with 1,267.8 points, edging Robert Foth of the United States, who had 1,264.6.

The West German 50-meter free pistol team (40 shots, kneeling) also set a world best with 1,170 points, tipping the Soviet Union, 1,169, and defending champion Yugoslavia, 1,160.

Hubert Bichler won the individual gold with 393 points.

The Soviets also won the 50-meter free rifle event (40 shots, standing) with 1,138 points. Czechoslovakia, 1,132, was second, and France, 1,131, was third.

South Korea's Lee won the individual title with 387 points, again edging Foth.

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