Bears' Bailey Pays Drug Fine

Associated Press

Chicago Bears rookie running back Johnny Bailey paid an outstanding fine of about $1,400 shortly after a prosecutor said he could go to jail.

Bailey had outstanding fines and fees of about $1,400 from a 1986 drug conviction, Harris County Assistant Dist. Atty. Bob Stabe said.

Bailey paid the fine Tuesday.

On Monday, Stabe told Bailey's attorney, Robert Bennett, that if Bailey didn't appear in court by Friday, he would be arrested.

Although Bailey has paid the fine, Stabe said he is still due in court Aug. 31.

Bailey, college football's all-time leading rusher from Texas A&I;, also has failed to report to a probation officer seven times in the past three years, Stabe said.

Stabe said he does not anticipate having to revoke Bailey's probation.

He added that he will call Illinois authorities if he has to.

"If he's not here on the 31st, I'll not have any problem with having him arrested," he said.

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