GULF WATCH: Day 28 : A Daily Briefing Paper On Developments In The Crisis

Diplomatic Front:

Iraq officially told the United States that it will let all foreign women and children leave its soil. But Iraq also hedged its promise to release them by Wednesday, saying all could not be processed at once, and the State Department cautioned against counting on Iraqi promises. Military Front:

Officials began their investigation of the crash of a Persian Gulf-bound military transport that killed 13 servicemen. Meanwhile, President Bush told U.S. soldiers in a radio address that they are “more than a match for a tyrant.” Trade Front:

World stock markets were mixed Wednesday. Asian exchanges retreated, apparently suffering from renewed concerns about the Middle East. But Frankfurt and Wall Street were more optimisic. Crisis Indicators:


High temperature in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: 111

Retail gasoline (U.S. average per gallon): $1.250, up $.05

Wholesale gasoline (spot price per gallon): $.8788, down $.155

Crude oil (spot price per barrel): $25.92, down $1.96


Dow Jones Industrial Average: 2,632.43, up 17.58