Calling Up the Reserves


The alleged intellectual dilemma which Zinczenko now finds himself in can be more precisely framed in terms that he is clearly unwilling to admit. In a nutshell, Zinczenko concedes that he readily joined the Navy in order to finance his college education and thereafter eagerly accepted $140 every month from the government to pay his bills.

He is now being asked to live up to the firm commitment he made to make himself available in the event that the government temporarily called up the reserves. To his everlasting dismay, the government has done just that.

Zinczenko, however, has--with taxpayers money--educated himself in the nick of time to the point where he now asserts that he, not the government, will unilaterally decide whether the reserve call-up is worthy of his attention. We now know far more about Zinczenko than we care to.



Santa Monica