Reagan Europe Tour

It is heart-warming to read that ex-President Reagan is going to Europe to share his depth of experience with those countries so much in need of his guidance. It is, after all, only fair that others should have the opportunity to share our misfortunes.

Herewith some suggestions for his lecture topics:

In Germany: "How to Deregulate the Banking System for Fun and Profit."

In Poland: "Making Big Profits from Housing and Urban Development--for the Right People."

In France: "Achieving Redundancy and Over-Kill in Nuclear Armament Policy: How to Shoot Your Economy in the Foot."

In Czechoslovakia: "Myths That Hurt Profits: Air Pollution and Acid Rain. With Comments on Global Warming."

In England: "To Him That Hath Shall Be Given: Forming A New Social Class by Tax Enrichment of the Rich."


Santa Ynez

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