At The Helsinki Summit

George Bush "Nothing shot of the complete implementation (of U.N. resolutions) is acceptable. As soon as Saddam Hussein realizes that, there certainly will be a peaceful resolution to this question.' 'I am very much interested in assisting (the Soviet Union), to be sure that perestroika is successful. . .it seems to me that we should be as forthcoming as we possible can in terms of economics.' 'We did not discuss military options.' Mikhail Gorbachev 'We . . .shall find a solution which shall be satisfactory and, above all, which will remove the danger of an explosion. And this is becoming a normal element of the new kind of cooperation-in trade, in technology, and human exchange.' 'We are attempting to make it quite clear to Saddam Hussein that if Iraq were to provoke military action, then the result would be a tragedy first and foremost for the Iraqi people themselves, for the whole of the region and for the whole of the world. . .'

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