Unisys Corp.'s Timeplex Will Buy Out Doelz


To boost its technological prowess in creating high-speed data transfer networks, Timeplex, a subsidiary of computer maker Unisys Corp., said Tuesday that it has agreed to acquire the assets of Doelz Inc.

Terms of the deal, which is subject to approval of shareholders of Irvine-based Doelz, were not disclosed.

Doelz, which employs 60 workers, will be integrated into Timeplex, a manufacturer of high-speed data communications network equipment based in Woodcliff Lake, N.J. Company officials said no layoffs are expected.

Doelz produces so-called wide-area networks that allow computers and other office equipment to communicate over telephone lines between distant sites.

Timeplex, which has sales in excess of $200 million, said in a statement that it will support Doelz's current line of packet-switching products. The switches can burst packets of data over a communications network quickly and efficiently.

The two companies have had a relationship since 1987, when Timeplex was acquired by Unisys.

"In the last two to three years, approximately 60% of Doelz's current production has been distributed by Unisys," said Dewaine L. Osman, president of Timeplex and the Unisys Communications & Networks group.

Melvin Doelz said the sale would enable the company to better explore new technologies. "To some extent you like to run your own show, but on the other hand Timeplex has a lot more resources to do more interesting things," he said.

The engineering portion of Doelz will remain in Irvine and be known as the Doelz Technical Center. Doelz, 71, will be Timeplex's chief scientist.

Doelz founded the company in 1979 and 10 years later led a group of European investors in a buyout of the firm--then known as Doelz Networks Inc.--for an undisclosed sum. At the time, Doelz officials said revenues were in the $10-million to $20-million range.

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