Downside, Up Side of Sinatra’s Letter

So Frank Sinatra (Letters, Sept. 16) doesn’t think that stardom is something that carries the potential for destruction. Well, Presley, Monroe and Joplin are just a few examples of lives botched by the trappings of superstardom.

For Mr. Sinatra to trivialize George Michael’s statements and make them seem superfluous or self-serving indicate his grasp of the downside of “the business” is minuscule. A performer is, foremost, a human being, not a commodity, a wind-up toy or machine.

For Michael to see that stardom is robbing him of something meaningful is a heartfelt realization, and he deserves a measure of respect for it.

Frank Sinatra, you’re one of the best, but you missed the mark in your observations about George Michael.



El Monte