Terrorist Abbas Threatens 'War Without Limits'

From United Press International

Terrorist Abul Abbas warned of a "war without limits" if Iraq is attacked. He threatened in an interview published Wednesday to strike against the United States and Western Europe.

"The Palestinians support Baghdad with all their force because Baghdad was the first to link the Palestinian cause to the (Persian) Gulf and the petroleum crisis," Abbas, head of the Palestine Liberation Front, told the Paris daily Le Figaro.

Asked specifically if he was threatening terrorist actions against the United States and Western Europe in case of war, he replied:

"If your country were attacked, wouldn't you defend it? The war to come will be a war without limits. We will fight everywhere if we are attacked.

"In the same way that the Americans and Europeans have come to Saudi Arabia, we have the right to mobilize our Arab troops wherever they are, " he said.

Abbas is believed to have organized the 1985 attack on the Achille Lauro cruise ship that resulted in the death of Leon Klinghoffer, a wheelchair-bound New Yorker who was thrown overboard.

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