‘Stealth Condom’ Infringes on Its Trademark, Northrop Complains

From Associated Press

Northrop Corp. is trying to shoot down a trademark for a red, white and blue contraceptive marketed as the “Stealth Condom” and sold in a black cardboard package modeled after the B-2 bomber.

The manufacturer of the radar-eluding Stealth bomber asked the U.S. Patent and Trademark office in Washington last July to refuse the product trademark registration.

The trademark board has scheduled a hearing Nov. 15 for condom seller John Hughes, 28, to respond to Northrop’s objection.

The military contractor claims that the Stealth Condom name “may falsely suggest a connection with” or “bring . . . disrepute” to Northrop.


Hughes says he thinks it unlikely that anybody would confuse his product with an $800-million bomber.