GULF WATCH: Day 115 : A daily briefing paper on developments in the crisis : Diplomatic Front:

Secretary of State James A. Baker III met with Colombia's president in Bogota and Malaysia's foreign minister in Los Angeles to solicit support for a U.N. Security Council resolution on the use of force if peaceful means fail to resolve the gulf crisis.

Military Front:

A U.S. Army soldier was killed and another hurt when their military truck collided with a civilian truck on a Saudi highway. It was the 49th U.S. military death in Operation Desert Shield.

Political Front:

A senior Iraqi diplomat who allegedly refused orders to return to Baghdad was found murdered in his car in Morocco, officials said.

About 5,000 people demonstrated in London against the Persian Gulf military buildup.

Hostage Front:

Germany said some of the 170 German hostages held in Iraq would fly home today. Iraq said it would free 10 Britons whose wives had visited Baghdad and a "large number" of Italians.

The Iraqi Military Machine

* Iraqi troops in/near Kuwait 430,000

* Additional deployment planned 250,000

* Iraqi tanks in/near Kuwait 4,800

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