Plagiarism in College Papers of M.L. King

People's reactions to King's moral laxity show a racist double standard. When white ministers are discovered to have seduced women or frequented prostitutes, they are denounced and removed from the ministry. In the case of King, those who reveal his many sexual liaisons are denounced.

Now it has been discovered that King obtained his doctoral degree by committing plagiarism. A white scholar who commits such a thing is scorned by his colleagues. Not so in the case of King. Such a shocking violation of the standards of intellectual honesty is explained away as a youthful indiscretion.

I obtained my Ph.D from UCLA the hard way. I earned it. I resent anybody obtaining a degree by copying the works of others. I call on Boston University to revoke King's doctorate so that people will stop referring to him as Dr. King.


Los Angeles

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