Plagiarism in College Papers of M.L. King

I was saddened by Raspberry's commentary. My immediate reaction is that the letting down is just the other way around. Raspberry, even while claiming to be an admirer, has shown that at the first sign of accusation of wrongdoing he is willing to join the ranks of the accusers, taking whatever has been said as truth. Admirers like that are not themselves to be admired but must be pitied as being small men of little consequence.

No matter how many so-called scholars of the stature, or maybe ilk, of Claybourne Carson, claiming to be "committed admirers of King," come forth with vile charges of plagiarism, I for one, and I think I am not alone, will not relinquish my faith and love for a very great American. He certainly does not need admirers like Raspberry and Carson.

He was my college classmate at Morehouse College, and because of him and his ideals, I can even love men like Carson and Raspberry. I know M.L. would want me to.



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