VENTURA : Recycling Program Expansion Planned

The city of Ventura will begin a recycling program in mid-December for apartments, condominiums and mobile home parks featuring a scavenger-proof recycling bin, city officials announced Thursday.

The multifamily program, which is expected to collect between five and 10 tons of materials each day, will be added to the commercial and single-family programs. Participants in the single-family program are now recycling 25 tons of refuse a day and commercial accounts contribute 30 tons.

Residents of single-family homes are provided with ordinary plastic trash bins, but apartment and condo dwellers will use a bin that opens when a garbage truck flips it upside down.

The new bins weigh 500 pounds when empty and will have one compartment for newspapers and one for plastic, glass and aluminum.


They have a small lid on top that functions like a mailbox--allowing residents to deposit recyclables, but making it difficult for materials to be removed from the bin.

The bins, which cost $300 to $350 each to manufacture, will be purchased with a $40,000 grant from the State Department of Conservation.

Starting Saturday, volunteers from the League of Women Voters will pass out brochures on recycling bin sites.