WORLD : Chad Rebel Frees 400 Libyans

From Times Wire Services

The rebel leader who overthrew President Hissene Habre freed at least 400 Libyan prisoners of war today and promised officials of the toppled regime that he would establish a democratic government.

Idriss Deby drove into the capital aboard a black Mercedes on Sunday, Habre having fled after a series of military debacles.

Deby, 38, had been Habre’s chief aide in a 1982 coup but broke with him last year and formed a rebel movement. Habre claimed that Libya funded Deby’s rebellion, but the Libyans and Deby denied it.

Today, Deby met with Alingue Bawayeu, president of the National Assembly. Members of his Patriotic Salvation Movement received other high-ranking officials of the deposed government.