This Family Specialized in Hand-Me-Ups

When Georgetown played Southern Indiana Saturday, the attraction wasn’t so much the team competition as the matchup between Hoya center Dikembe Mutombo and his older brother, Ilo.

In the end, Georgetown had little trouble defeating its Division II opponent, 65-45, and the brother-brother battle might have been a draw.

Ilo had 12 points and 11 rebounds, Dikembe six and nine. Dikembe blocked five shots, including two attempts by Ilo.

A sentimental occasion? Georgetown Coach John Thompson wasn’t having any of it.


Thompson told Mark Maske of the Washington Post: “I predicted Dikembe would not have a great game. I told my staff before the game, ‘I bet Dikembe stinks.’ That kind of stuff never has a storybook ending.”

Trivia time: What is Southern Indiana University’s nickname?

Shopper 1, do you read?: Careful followers of women’s tennis will recall Monica Seles’ recent personal crisis, when she got lost in Bloomingdale’s department store while in New York City for the Virginia Slims championships.

Not long after that, Seles played in Baltimore at an annual charity exhibition sponsored by Pam Shriver. As a thank-you gift, Shriver gave Seles a set of walkie-talkies.

Shhhhhhhhhh: Mike Kahn of the Tacoma Morning News Tribune reported Sunday: “Chuck Daly quietly has taken the lead as the 1992 Olympic team coach.”

Bottom of the ninth: Seattle Mariner catcher Scott Bradley and a group from the team’s front office will take part in a send-off for the 864th Engineer Battalion as it leaves Fort Lewis, Wash., today to join Operation Desert Shield in Saudi Arabia. Courtesy of the Mariners, the 864th will be taking along a full supply of baseball bats, balls, gloves and caps.

No helmets?

A Cavalier’s honor: The Dead Sports Information Directors Society, a group of 40 former college sports publicists, announced the winner of its first-ever Hypesman Award Sunday.


By spending $12,000 to hype quarterback Shawn Moore instead of wide receiver Herman Moore, University of Virginia S.I.D. Rich Murray won in a landslide.

Former Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and San Jose State S.I.D. Steve Rutledge said Murray proved that “in some cases spending ‘Moore’ will earn you less.”

Add Hypesman: Rutledge, currently Director of Communications for the Amateur Athletic Foundation, said Brigham Young’s Ralph Zobell, who finished second, might have improved his chances if he had renamed his candidate “Tyseman Detmer.”

(In 1970, Notre Dame S.I.D. Roger Valdiserri changed the pronunciation of Joe Theisman, originally “Theesmann,” to rhyme with Heisman, but Theisman lost in the voting to Stanford’s Jim Plunkett.)


Zonked out: In Cleveland Saturday night, it was time to play Cash Explosion, the Ohio State Lottery’s version of the Big Spin.

Television viewers who tuned in late might have missed Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Larry Csonka, who was eliminated in the first round of Cash Explosion and went home with $5,900.

Trivia answer: The Screaming Eagles.

Quotebook: Sacramento King center Ralph Sampson, playing intermittently this season after years of recurring knee problems: “The people who jumped off my bandwagon should stay off.”