Main Goals of OCBCA

I want to clarify impressions regarding the Orange County Business Committee for the Arts (“Support Doesn’t Always Mean Cash” by Mark I. Pinsky, Calendar, Nov. 17).

The Orange County Business Committee for the Arts is a nonprofit service organization of businesses and corporations committed to supporting the arts. This is accomplished by:

1. Counseling businesses that want to begin an arts-support program.

2. Assisting businesses interest


ed in initiating arts-support projects such as corporate art collecting.

3. Developing partnerships between OCBCA members providing technical and managerial assistance to arts organizations wishing to enhance their operating effectiveness.

4. Consulting with directors of countywide arts organizations to help them reach their long-term accounting, legal and computer goals by engaging OCBCA members in these processes.

The OCBCA, along with 12 other regional BCAs in the country and the national BCA, are not direct funding organizations. Needs are made known to OCBCA members by their able executive director, Betty R. Moss, and where the opportunity fits, involvement and assistance is provided.


We in Orange County need all the assistance possible to further growth of the arts. The OCBCA and its members have contributed--and will continue to contribute meaningfully--to this important component of our community for the benefit of us all.



The Orange County Business Committee for the Arts


Costa Mesa