GULF WATCH: Day 131 : A daily briefing paper on developments in the crisis : Hostage Front:

A total of 152 Americans who had been trapped in Kuwait and Iraq landed at an Air Force base near Washington, D.C. More than 380 “human shields,” most of them Britons, left Baghdad.

Diplomatic Front:

Iraq continued to balk at a U.N. resolution calling for withdrawal from Kuwait, with Iraq’s information minister saying that “not an inch” of Kuwait can be relinquished.

However, Western Europe’s foreign and defense ministers urged Iraq to seize the last chance for a peaceful settlement by withdrawing from Kuwait. “Europe’s determination remains unaltered,” said French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas.


Meanwhile, Algeria’s president will again attempt to defuse the situation during visits to Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia this week.

Political Front:

The Bush Administration will soon ask Congress for supplemental funds to help pay the costs of Operation Desert Shield, the Pentagon said. The request would not cover the cost of war, which by one estimate would reach $1 billion to $2 billion a day.

Military Front:

The Army called to active duty another 1,457 reservists from 20 states. The Pentagon said it is sending more F-15 Eagle fighter jets, although it did not say how many.

Authorized Military Reserve Call-Ups:

* Army: 115,000

* Navy: 30,000


* Marine: 23,000

* Air Force: 20,000

* Coast Guard: 1,250

* Total: 189,250