PLATFORM : Stop the Hoarding

<i> TULLEY N. BROWN is executive director of Direction Sports, a program that combines sports and academics to help inspire self-worth in disadvantaged inner-city youth. He told The Times:</i>

The prospects (for helping inner-city youth in America) are not good. (For instance,) the problem of food in Russia is paradoxical in that they’ve had the best wheat harvest in 20 years, but farmers are hoarding. They don’t trust the marketplace and they figure if they let the people really starve and so on, then they can get higher prices, make some more money.

In America, it’s like that. We’re trying to entrench, or hoard, our largess. For someone to step out and say, “Damn! Let’s give your young a piece of the action, let’s give our young a chance to experience. They’re needed and valuable” (just isn’t happening like it should).

In our program, we show that love is helping someone like themselves. And that concept is so simple, it’s difficult for people to grasp. It’s from that universal truth that people blossom, people self-actualize. And it’s from the lack of that today that we have the antithesis of self-actualization and blossoming. We have destructiveness.