Sockers, Cleveland Discuss Proposed Trade for Sweeney

Cleveland midfielder Mike Sweeney might be headed to the Sockers, according to a story in today’s edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Crunch Coach Kai Haaskivi and President Al Miller confirmed to the newspaper that a deal with the Sockers has been discussed.

Sockers Coach Ron Newman, reached late last night in Kansas City, said Cleveland brought a trade proposal to the Sockers on Friday night, and that he is considering it.

“I wouldn’t want to do anything right now because we’re winning,” Newman said. “But these opportunities come along only so often and if they can improve your team, you have to consider them.”


Sweeney, a player who can dominate the midfield, became expendable after exercising his First Amendment rights during a team meeting after the Crunch’s 10-3 loss to the Sockers on Dec. 7.

Sweeney spoke unfavorably about Haaskivi’s tactics and coaching ability. He was later branded a troublemaker.

So far this year, Sweeney has scored six goals, passed for eight assists and blocked nine shots. He did not travel with the Crunch for Saturday’s game against Wichita, a 3-2 Wichita victory.

The Plain Dealer also reported that Sweeney could be traded to Kansas City.

If the Sockers-Crunch trade is consummated, it will be the second consecutive year in which the two teams have dealt with one another in mid-season. Last year, the Sockers sent one of their malcontents, forward Zoran Karic, to the Crunch for Paul Wright.